Cleansing and Charging

The first thing we suggest you do with your new crystals is cleanse! Your new crystals are YOURS, they go in YOUR space, for YOUR needs. You want to get rid of any energies (all energy, not only the bad energy) your crystals picked up along their way to their new homes. Depending on usage, your crystals should be cleansed every so often.

You can cleanse your crystals with a Smudging Ritual or a Full Moon Ritual. Remember to always be intentional.

 Once your crystals have been cleansed you want to ‘charge’ or ‘program’ them. This can be done with a Selenite wand or a Selenite ‘charging plate’. Selenite is often used in crystal healing because of its ability to quickly remove negative energy and energy blockages. You’ll need to intentionally set a crystal on Selenite for as long as you feel you need to, this could be a few minutes to 24 hours if you must! Selenite is a must have crystal for your collection.