About the Founder

Tiffany Noboa founded Necessary Mindfulness in 2017. She Is a bilingual first generation Dominican-American from Queens, NY. Tiffany holds a Master’s degree in Social Work, and a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner Certificate through YogaWorks. She is passionate about mental and spiritual wellness, aiming to educate her own community on the benefits of mindfulness. Her goal is to promote healthy relaxation techniques, and non-traditional healing modalities like crystal healing, Reiki and Sound Therapy to communities where they typically aren’t practiced [anymore].

At the same time, she heavily promotes sustainability and aims to encourage other business owners, especially those in the wellness and healing field to consider the health of the environment in their everyday work. She says “How could I promote mindfulness and intention without considering the environment in that process? That’s not holistic."

Tiffany also loves dogs and struggles committing to a Vegan lifestyle because of her love for ice cream and bizcocho dominicano!