Necessary Mindfulness

Rose Quartz Crystal Candle

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LOVE IS IN THE AIR as you manifest the metaphysical properties of Rose Quartz with our new high vibrational Crystal Candle!

We carefully top each candle with one Rose Quartz Crystal for you to add to your crystal collection. Each candle is 14.5oz and meant to fill a large sized room with it's unique, light, delicate and airy scent of fresh Peonies.

Our Rose Quartz Crystal Candle features 3 wicks for a 44-hour burn time and is made with organic soy, essential oils and good energy. Each candle comes inside a white box and includes a lid.

Rose Quartz opens the heart for giving + receiving love, heals emotional wounds and restores trust.

Hand poured.
 Vegan, toxin + paraffin free.
Cleansed under 1/28/2021's Full Moon.

-The crystal will not melt or damage while inside of the candle, but you can also choose to remove the crystal before burning the candle. 
- Place your candle in a safe place away from wind, windows, curtains, children and pets. Never leave a lit Necessary Mindfulness Candle unattended. 
- It is important to trim your wick down to 4-5mm each time before lighting your Necessary Mindfulness Candle to prevent a faster burn or ‘mushrooming’ of your wick.
- Once you have reached the end of your candle, remove the crystal (if you already haven't) with caution and gently rinse it under warm water to melt away remaining wax.