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Florida Water (Agua de Florida)

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Use Florida Water in your next cleansing ritual or limpieza just as you would you Sage or Palo Santo. Since it was first created in New York back in 1808- it's used to ward off negativity and maintain high vibration within your space. The name “Florida Water” refers to the fabled Fountain of Youth located in Florida.  It's quite simple to introduce Florida Water into your daily life, it smells lovely and is made with a mix of essential oils in an alcohol base. Here are some ways!

*Pour it into a glass spray bottle to easily mist into your space (we don't use plastic over here!) 

*Pour it into a bowl and leave it out after having visitors in your space.

*Mix it into your mop water  

*Use it to clean mirrors, tables and surfaces in your home 

*Pour some into your washer machine on laundry day

*Wash your hands with it

*Pour it into your next bubble bath, soak, or spiritual bath

Each order comes with 1 7.5oz Murray & Lanman's Original Florida Water bottle